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About me...

My name is Kim Cecil, and I live with my husband Steve in St. Petersburg, Russia. We moved to Russia from Madison, WI USA in August 2013. I’m a mom of three amazing kids: my sons Connor and Caeden live with us here and attend an international school, while our daughter Kaela is studying in California.


I consider myself a cultural bridge between two nations that have had a long history of mystery and misunderstandings. My favorite thing to do is sip tea or coffee with Russians and listen to them talk about their lives. I consider it a great privilege to live and serve in such a surpisingly beautiful place.


I’m an armchair psychologist, an exercise enthusiast, an avid reader, a history buff, and a world traveler. I have a love/hate relationship with writing, which I am trying to embrace as a calling from my Creator. I love Jesus, and I like him too. His grace, mercy, and truth have transformed my life.

My Crew

Steve, Kaela,
Connor, and Caeden










(December 2019)

*photo credit Vlada Moiseeva 

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